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Our Team

Bill Robinson


Bill Robinson is the founding partner, President and Managing Member of Stormwater Risk Management, LLC (SRM) and its two corporate Divisions: ComplianceWise Technologies (compliance software) and Stormwater Logistics (full-service compliance and remediation).

Mr. Robinson graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Washington State University in 1984 and immediately began his career in the commercial general construction industry. In his more than 22 years of experience in that field, and prior to starting his own companies in 2004, he worked in almost every project team role from Labor Foreman and Carpenter to, ultimately, Senior Project Manager for a large general contractor. His experience in stormwater management program development began in 1993 when little was known or understood about the regulations. He founded the Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) in 2005 and lobbied for CDPHE and AGC participation, and the CSEP continues to grow today.

Mr. Robinson recently served as one of 13 industry experts on the AGC National Stormwater Task Force, whose purpose it is to represent industry interests in negotiating changes to the NPDES Construction General Permit with EPA policy makers. In addition to a general construction and business background, he has extensive experience with Federal, State and MS4 regulatory requirements and in creating standardized and cost-effective industry programs to assist industry in complying with them.

Gregory Grubbs

Chief Technology Officer

Gregory Grubbs is an IT Professional with 20+ years of experience developing software and server solutions for a variety of industries.

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin where he was introduced to the UNIX operating system and the pre-Web Internet. One of his hobbies between work and school was developing simple websites for the early Mosaic web browser and experimenting with the Slackware Linux operating system.

Prior to joining Stormwater Risk Management in 2006, at which time he also became a Member and Partner, he spent his early career providing technical support, developing custom software applications and administering a variety of servers for small businesses.

His vast experience prior to joining the Stormwater Risk Management team provided a solid foundation for him to create the robust web-based stormwater system known as ComplianceWise. Through his collaboration with end users, he has continually improved the ComplianceWise system since its inception, implementing new features and custom solutions for 1000+ construction project teams. He has also designed and implemented custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies, government organizations and consultants who use ComplianceWise to assist their clients with construction stormwater compliance.

Jeff Rathman

Operations Manager

Jeff Rathman has more than 25 years of experience in civil engineering, construction, and environmental compliance design and inspection services.

He has worked as a designer on a wide variety of projects including heavy transportation (rail, roadways, bridges), large scale land development (single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial), utilities (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer) and recreational facilities (trails, pedestrian bridges, parks). Jeff has worked as an Operations Manager and a Construction Superintendent for civil construction including utility infrastructure installations, and residential construction. He has extensive experience coordinating with various government agencies, municipalities, and has served as an Owner’s Representative.

Jed Lee


Jed Lee has more than ten years of experience in agriculture, stormwater compliance, and right-of-way restoration.

He has worked on numerous large-scale pipelines, implementing stormwater compliance measures and restoring vegetation in challenging areas. Jed’s strong project management and leadership skills found their beginning while he served in the United States Marine Corps, and continued to develop during his work as Restoration Foreman and later as Regional Supervising Foreman for numerous projects on the Western Slope.

Garrett Jackson


Garrett Jackson has extensive hands-on experience in the agriculture and environmental compliance industries, having worked in a leadership capacity on numerous large-scale projects along the Front Range.

As Foreman for these projects, he was responsible for environmental compliance and land reclamation, as well as protecting landowner properties from the potential negative impact of their proximity to those projects. Garrett has a strong history of delivering projects within tight budget and schedule constraints and demonstrates excellent personnel management skills.

Kim Robinson

Office Manager/Human Resources

With Stormwater Risk Management since 2005, Kim Robinson manages all accounting and HR functions in the office, among many other critical functions.

For many years and while working toward her Bachelor of Arts degree in English, which she received from The Colorado College in 1995, she worked in the mental health field with children at a residential treatment facility. That 14-year career was followed by several more in the equally challenging and rewarding field of life-saving organ, tissue and eye donation and transplantation. Kim's customer service expertise, and her exceptional organizational and communication skills, are an asset to our company and to our customers.


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