Save money & time

Let us manage your stormwater compliance


We can build a package exactly for your project, no matter the scope or size.

For maximum savings, many of our clients have us manage the compliance project start-to-finish. But not all projects need this, so unlike other stormwater compliance companies, we offer our services under any pricing model you need.

The industry norm is to price services using open ended "time + material" pricing where all risk is on the client. We offer fixed price, time + material, guaranteed max price with shared savings, etc. We can hard bid jobs or negotiate projects with full transparency and shared savings.





Stormwater Logistics' planning and budgeting method assures seamless compliance that saves everyone time and money throughout construction and reduces the risk of enforcement to near zero.



We take full responsibility for meeting the compliance expectations of State and local regulators. Like your best subcontractors, we rely on excellent coordination and communication with the project management team to keep cost competitive.



We stabilize your project site quickly to release you from regulatory liability and minimize costly post-construction erosion damage. We can also perform long-term maintenance of permanent control measures.


Pre-Construction Services

Our accurate, transparent budget system reliably eliminates cost overruns and surprises.
  • Research all applicable State and local water quality permit requirements
  • Complete permit applications, amendments, and pursue permit issuance
  • Evaluate construction activities, related pollution sources, and provide best-value control measures
  • Coordinate our water quality compliance efforts with the project team AND all other trades Provide teams with water quality bid scope inclusions/exclusions for all trades to eliminate confusion, duplication of efforts, finger-pointing, and provide fair accountability
  • Provide teams with subcontract attachment language for each trade to assure proper coordination and ongoing cooperation during active construction
  • Offer Stormwater Compliance training for all trades
  • Establish a complete, itemized water quality management budget for the project
  • Provide ongoing value engineering and regular budget projections
  • Offer Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) with shared savings, or other pricing method as appropriate for the project
  • Develop digital Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP) meeting all State and local requirements
  • Set up a fully integrated digital inspection and reporting system that automatically updates the SWMP
  • Apply for State Stormwater Discharge Permit (In certain cases as Co-permittee with Owner)

Active Construction Services

  • Install initial control measures
  • Facilitate local Building Dept. initial control approvals
  • Participate in jobsite coordination meetings weekly and as needed
  • Provide SW training & assistance to other trades
  • Perform weekly permit-required SW inspections and all required recordkeeping
  • Maintain and improve SW control measures to meet State and local regulatory expectations
  • Meet all Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program (CSEP) participation requirements
  • Register project in the CSEP
  • Monthly independent CSEP compliance performance audits and reporting to all stakeholders
  • Provide seeding/mulching to stabilize site (not related to landscaper’s contractual obligations)

Post-Construction Services

  • Maintain permit-required inspection frequency and recordkeeping
  • Test soils in order to apply appropriate soil amendments for successful vegetative growth the first time
  • Implement temporary and/or permanent seeding and soil stabilization practices per plans
  • Maintain remaining temporary control measures until site stabilization (vegetation) is achieved per the Permit requirements to end coverage
  • Initiate and coordinate Building Dept approval to close local permit
  • Manage process to terminate, reassign or transfer State permits
  • Digitally store all required regulatory records per requirements or provide records to client for storage
  • Inspect and maintain permanent stormwater control structures and assets